School work


Linja 7

spring 2018
Infographic poster about places you can do sports at in Helsinki. Each place categorized and listed with basic information. Combined with map and tram schedule.

Walk on the wild side

spring 2017
Visual look for a publication that contains information about genders and sexual orientation. Photography by Laurence Philomene.


autumn 2018
Concept for a lifestyle magazine for young adults, concentrating on the soft side of living. We did the concept as a group work, starting from defining the target group and topics, to the style of photography, schema, layout and typography.

The Boat That Brought Me

spring 2019
Typographic poster in Farsi, displayed in an exhibition that was part of the Lahti Poetry Marathon Festival. Lots of learning and experimenting. Poem by Azita Ghahreman.
website mockup

Art and Design Triennale

spring 2019
Concept for a mobile website designed during a course about user experience. Idea and wireframes created as a group work, finalized user interface done by me later on.
label design


summer 2019
Started as a schoolwork, but finished versions created afterward. I wanted to concentrate on colours for different flavours.


autumn 2018
Concept and visual identity for a newspaper with topics about ecological, ethical and sustainable food. Designing masthead, front page and one spread.

Imatran ratsastajat

spring 2016
My very first design for actual client. Logo and visual identity designed for a riding club. Still on use this day.
illustrated book illustrated book illustrated book

Kalevalan henkiä ja olentoja

autumn 2017
Illustrated book of poetry that introduces gods and creatures of Finnish oral folklore and mythology in the same poetry metre as the national epic Kalevala. The assignment was to make an ABC book about an optional topic and concentrate on typography.


Hallazine: concept for a mobile first magazine

designing user interface and visual identity

published in spring 2020


As my theses I created a concept that consists of user interface as well as the visual identity for online magazine that is published on a webpage designed for mobile phones. I wanted to explore how user experience of a printed magazine can be reiterated in a digital environment. Is it possible to create an equally diverse layout even though the device restricts the size of the area shown to the reader?

In the first chapters I studied what are the properties of an online magazine that make the user experience differ from a printed magazine. By making the online magazine linearly browsed and published by issue, readers can easily immerse themselves in the content. In addition, creating variation in the visual look and layout makes the magazine more engaging.

The online magazine created during this thesis was meant for the users of a sim-game stable called Hallava, and one of its main purposes was to attract more users. When designing the visual identity of the magazine, the sim-game stables brand had to be taken into account as well as who are the target group. It consists of both teenagers and people in their twenties who have had this hobby since they were kids. Even though the target group is divided, I decided to concentrate on making the magazine appealing for teenagers, since they would more likely be the new users of Hallava.

Some of the pages from Hallazine

hallazine screenshot hallazine screenshot hallazine screenshot hallazine screenshot hallazine screenshot hallazine screenshot hallazine screenshot hallazine screenshot

Internship at Roister

May – September 2019

first time working at marketing agency

many projects and quick deadlines


roister luontotaulu roister hiekkalinna roister saipa

Most of what I did when working at Roister was layouting and creating finalized materials for clients. Other team members usually created the visual looks and decided how things should be presented in the best possible way. So unlike my school works I did not design these materials by myself but as part of a team. Even though I did not have a lot of creative liberties, I enjoyed my work and it was amazing to see materials that I had participated in creating out there visible for public.


ID-card for employees
business card

Lappeenrannan työterveys

Business cards

Lappeenrannan asukaslehti

Sports section on city magazine


Roll-up for library

Visit Karelia

Marketing insight report

Auto Kilta




Päiväkeskus Tikankulma

Logo design

About me

date of birth 3.6.1995

currently living in Imatra Finland

Work experience and education

Roister Marketing
graphic design
5/2019 - 9/2019

Okeroisten talli
stable manager, part-time
1/2017 – 5/2018

Imatran seurakunta
yard work / gardening
summer job
2016, 2017 & 2018

Imatran ratsastajat
stable manager, part-time
holiday seasons 2015–2018
3/2012 – 5/2014

LAB University of
Applied Sciences

bachelor of culture and arts
graphic design
2016 - 2020

SEDU Ammatikoulu
vocational education
graphic design
2015 - 2016

Lahden kansanopisto
2014 - 2015

Imatran yhteislukio
upper secondary school
2011 - 2014

Outside of work

I really enjoy spending time outdoors. I'm passionate about horses and riding, and going for a nice hack is pretty much the best thing I know. As well as by riding I also love to experience Finnish nature by hiking, cross-country skiing and canoeing. Even though I love lake Saimaa, I'm willing — and maybe even looking forward — to move to Helsinki to work. When I'm not outdoors, I like to spend my time doodling (horses of course), coding, reading or just watching Netflix.

talvi selfie kanootti melonta ratsastus hevonen