Pinja Kumpulainen

I'm a third year graphic design student at Lahti University of Applied Sciences. I'm specialized in branding and marketing communication. Typography and layouting is what I'm very good at. I'm also interested in user experience and interface design and would love to lear more.

Kalevalan henkiä ja olentoja

typography, illustration, layout, book design

Kalevalan henkiä ja olentoja is an illustrated book of poetry. It introduces gods and creatures of Finnish oral folklore and mythology in the same poetry metre as the national epic Kalevala. This book was designed in october 2017 as part of a typography class. The assigment was to make an ABC book about an optional topic and I chose Finnish mythology because it has always fascinated me.

Linja 7

typography, infographic, layout

This is an infographic poster about places you can do sports in in Helsinki. It was done during infographic course in the spring of 2018. The assignment was to choose something from alongside the tram line seven and deside what is the best way of showing the basic information combined with the map and tram schedule.


typography, layout, magazine concept and design

Amelie is a lifestyle magazine for young adults, concentrating on the soft side of living. We did the concept as a group work during the magazine design course in the autumn of 2018. Starting from defining the target group and topics, to the style of photography, chema, layout and typography.

Visual OPS

typography, infographic, layout, applying existing visual identity

In the end of the year 2018 I was hired to visualize the curricula of Lahti University of Applied Sciences. This hadn't been done ever before, but it was very much needed since the curricula on the webpage was quite hard to grasp. I designed the concept, gathered all the information and got feedback from both the students and teachers. I did 22 posters in total.

Walk on the wild side

typography, layout, visual design of publication

This was one of the very first publication design courses we had, and luckily I have evolved a lot since then. Even though, if I did this again now I would change a lot, I still want to show this to you. During that cource in the spring of 2017 I experimented a lot with layouting. Photography is done by Laurence Philomene.

Design venture day

branding, visual identity, logo design, typography, layout

In the autumn of 2018 we had a course about visual identity. The client we were designing concepts for was Design venture day. It's a happening during the Lahti Design week where small and medium enterprises come together and showcase how they have benefit from design and design thinking.

Imatran Ratsastajat

branding, visual identity, logo design, typography, layout

This was my very first design job for a client. I renewed Imatra riding club's logo and designed some visual identity elements and marketing materials for them in the spring of 2016. They are still this day using my materials and the logo can be seen in jackets and backpacs as well as on the webpage.

Tie Tähtiin 2019

branding, visual identity, logo design, typography, layout, illustration, web design

Tie Tähtiin is one of my own projects that involve web development as well as graphic design. It's a writing / drawing competition where about 50 people participate during three months every year. I designed the webpage using HTML and CSS, and also designed the logo and did some illustrations.


typography, layout, web design

In the spring of 2019 we had an interactive content design course, during which we were supposed to create basic website with Wordpress. Since I'm very familiar with it already, I was allowed to develop website by coding it myself. I concentrated on the responsive aspect as you can see on the video. Demo

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